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Herbert von Karajan (1908-1989)

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This large website, which I started in 2003, is divided into several areas. A look at the "Site Map" is therefore recommended.

The “Life and Work” area includes a short biography as well as a page on the Karajan family history. Also there are sections covering his film work, the orchestras he worked with as well as a summary of all the concerts he conducted by country and date. There is a particular emphasis on his connection with Great Britain and another section details his visits, concert performances and, of course, his work with the London based Philharmonia Orchestra. There are pages detailing his recordings and concerts of works by selected composers including Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, Sibelius and Richard Strauss. A page with short music extracts from unofficial recordings is also included in the “Life and Work” area as well as sections covering the Maestro’s other activities of flying, driving and sailing.

The “My Collections” area is a large section covering my personal collections of recordings in both audio and visual formats, books, concert programmes, photographs, autographs and record company advertising material. The more unusual aspects of collecting are covered in pages showing Karajan related philatelic items and telephone cards.
The site also has areas for visitors including a very popular “Items Wanted, for Sale and Exchange” section and a “Questions and Queries” page. In the “Extra Features” area as well as Internet greeting cards there are screen savers and desktop wallpapers to download. The “Visitor Comments and Gallery” supplements the “Guest Book” as here fellow Karajan admirers can write in more detail about the Maestro and his musical interpretations and can also add a particularly favourite item of Karajan memorabilia. This site is regularly updated and so to aid regular visitors a “Web Diary” is provided.

Karajan Centenary Year 2008

On 5th April 2008 it was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Herbert von Karajan and a special page was added to list the known concerts and events organised, as well as CD/DVD titles, books and memorabilia issued to celebrate the event. This page can be found in the “Life and Work” area along with a "Happy Birthday Maestro" slideshow.

Karajan Forum

2008 was not only the Karajan Centenary Year but also the fifth anniversary of my website. Because of this and also because of increased visitor activity, I felt that the time was right to put a Forum on the site. Added on 14th January 2008 this has proved to be very popular and, I feel, is a very valuable addition to my website.

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