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The 41 year old Karajan signed up for flying lessons when he was in Chile in 1949. He gained his first pilot's licence in Switzerland in 1952. His enthusiasm for flying went back to his boyhood and remained with him throught out his life. He flew the Boeing 747 flight simulators in both New York and Tokyo and rumour has it that he took the controls of Concorde more than once when on board as a passenger.

Over the years he owned six aircraft including a Beechcraft twin turboprop and two jets; a Lear and a Dassault Falcon 10. When, in 1982, he was nearing the upper age limit for flying jets he took up the challenge of learning to fly helicopters rather than return to propeller driven aircraft.

Lear Jet (number HB-VBR)

Dassault Falcon 10 Jet (number HB-VDX)

In October 1993 "Lauda Air" named the first of its fleet of 50-seater Canadair Regional Jets (number OE-LRA) "Herbert von Karajan".

In 1996 Austrian Airlines marked the 1000 Years of Austria by painting an Airbus A321 with some of the best known Austrians of the past millennium. Celebrities in the fields of art, culture, sport, politics and science were represented including Herbert von Karajan.

On March 25th 1999 Salzburg Airport formally opened its new "Herbert von Karajan" terminal for the passengers and crews of private planes.

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