Karajan Memorabilia Collection
Original and Press Photographs

Please Note: All the images in this section are scans of items in my collections but I do not necessarily hold the copyright, therefore copying the images is forbidden. Also, if informed that I am infringing anyone's copyright I will, of course, remove the offending image immediately

1948 Salzburg (Photographer Ernst Hausknost)

Mid 1950s (Photographer Lotte Meitner-Graf)

1956 Ottawa (Photographer Yousuf Karsh)

1963 Vienna

(Photographer Jean-Pierre Rey)

30th September 1969 Paris

18th July 1970 Aix-en-Provence
(receiving the Prix France-Allemagne with his wife, Eliette)

6th October 1970 Paris
(with Akio Morita, Vice-President of Sony)

20th April 1971 Cannes


DG Press Photograph
Photographer Annette Lederer

DG Press Photograph
Photographer Ernst Haas

14th June 1982 Paris
(with Jacques Chirac, Mayor of Paris)

DG Press Photograph
Photographer Siegfried Lauterwasser
(with Agnes Baltsa and Jose Carreras
rehearsing "Carmen")

19th February 1983 Berlin
(with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf)

21st June 1983 Nice
(with his wife, Eliette)


12th December 1984 Berlin

1984 (Photographer Lord Snowdon)

Late 1980's

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