Karajan Memorabilia Collection
Other Photographs and Miscellaneous

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Karajan's Birthplace, Salzburg

Karajan's birthplace
(Photograph taken in April 2000)

Statue of Herbert von Karajan by Anna Chromy (2001) in front of his birthplace
Note: With grateful thanks to David Parker who
took this photograph in April 2003

Karajan's Grave at Anif
Note: With grateful thanks to David Parker who took these photographs
on 17th April 2003 during a visit to the Salzburg Easter Festival

Bronze portrait of Karajan by Anna Chromy (2001) outside the church at Anif
Note: With grateful thanks to John Hooper who visited Karajan's grave in September 2005

HVK Centrum
The Herbert Von Karajan Centrum

Opened in 1995. A centre dedicated to the life
and works of this great conductor. Closed in 2006.

(Photograph taken in April 2000)

The Eliette and Herbert Von Karajan
Institute and Karajan Archive

Opened in 2007

Note: With grateful thanks to
John Hooper who visited
Salzburg in August 2008

Promotional Photograph
Size: 25" x 20"
Note: With grateful thanks to John Hooper

"Der Spiegel" 16th March 1955
Article about Karajan's American Tour with the B.P.O. and his
becoming Furtwangler's successor as chief conductor of B.P.O.

"Gramophone" April 1988
Karajan 80th Birthday edition including Richard Osborne interview
and Deutsche Grammophon "Karajan Magazine"

"Gramophone" January 2008
A special "Karajan Issue" commemorating the Karajan Centenary year
The CD contains a rare 1967 interview with the great conductor,
with music including his previously unheard Bach recording.

"Pizzicato" April 2008
The Luxembourg based classical music magazine “Pizzicato”
published since January 2008 some 20 pages about “Karajan 2008”
and he was featured on the front page of the April issue.
Note: I was extremely pleased to see that the website was reviewed in the March 2008 edition!

Capote Cigar Band No 15

Murillo Cigar Band No 21

Pottery "head"

Bronze Wall Plaque (c 1985)

Silver medallion (GL 925/1000 SL)
Portrait of Karajan by Anna Dauber

Badge 1989
"Hommage a Karajan" Deutsche Grammophon France

Revell Plastic Model Kit 04251 (scale 1:144)
In 1996 Austrian Airlines marked the 1000 Years of Austria by painting an Airbus A321
with some of the best known Austrians of the past millennium.
Celebrities in the fields of art, culture, sport, politics and science were represented
including Herbert von Karajan.

Model railway wagon.
Number 3 in the series by Marklin celebrating "Famous Austrians of the Twentieth Century"

Montblanc Brochure 2003.
Brochure for the Herbert von Karajan Donation pen
available as a Fountain pen and Ball-point pen.

Limited edition portrait of Herbert von Karajan by Martin Baker 2008.
Published to commemorate the centenary of his birth in 1908.
Number 7 of 300
Size: 14" x 12"
Note: With grateful thanks to the artist, Martin Baker

Deutsche Grammophon commissioned the original drawing for Karajan's concerts with the
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, London in 1972 and it was reproduced
on the cover of "Gramophone" magazine in May of that year.

Note: Click here to read "Brand identity. Karajan and Deutsche Grammophon" by Martin Baker

Original watercolour by Claude Issaly 2008.
Size: 7¼" x 7¾"

5,00 Euro coin issued by the Austrian Mint
to commemorate the centenary of Karajan's birth in 1908
Issued on 7th May 2008.

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