Karajan Philatelic Collection

Miscellaneous Philatelic Items (10)

Vatican Concert for Pope Paul VI 20th May 1967

Special Cancellations to Commemorate Karajan's 75th Birthday on 5th April 1983

"SOS Children's Villages" Special Card with Cancellation issued on Karajan's 75th Birthday in 1983

Concorde Flight AF 4903 Paris-Salzburg 23rd April 1984

Concorde Flight AF 4905 Salzburg-Paris 23rd April 1984

10th Anniversary of the Herbert von Karajan Centrum in Vienna 14th January 2005

On the 14th January 2005 the Austrian Post Office issued a stamp and special cancellation to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Herbert von Karajan Centrum in Vienna

Note: A printing error resulted in a lighter version of the stamp also being issued
First Day Cover showing both versions of the stamp

Maximum Card with First Day cancellation

Centenary of the Birth of Herbert von Karajan 2008
São Tomé e Príncipe

Note: This type of stamp is very rarely postally used and is produced purely for stamp collectors. As such they have designs and themes which will attract collectors. Hence the Db 70000 value has Karajan with a view of space!
Having said that, São Tomé e Príncipe is the only country, to my knowledge, that has issued stamps to commemorate the Karajan Centenary. As a collector of Austrian stamps and therefore familiar with their issuing policy I was very sorry that the Austrian Post Office ignored the event. Perhaps, they felt it was too soon to produce another Karajan related stamp after their issue in 2005 which celebrated 10 years of the Karajan Centrum in Vienna. See above.

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