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Karajan and George Szell
I understand that Herbert von Karajan and George Szell were great friends. I believe Szell was the only other conductor invited to participate in the Salzburg Festival for so many years, 1957 to 1969. In 1968, George Szell and the Vienna Philharmonic at Salzburg gave the Bruckner 7th in a heartfelt performance. In 1969 he conducted a Beethoven programme also with the VPO. Szell died in July 1970 - Maestro Karajan recorded his first Bruckner 7th with his Berlin Philharmonic in 1971 in what surely must be the most beautiful and heartfelt performance of any Bruckner Symphony. Does anyone know whether in any way this is dedicated to his friend (it sounds like it) and whether Karajan interupted his very busy schedule (just as the Salzburg Festival was beginning) and managed to fly to Cleveland for Szell's funeral? (if indeed there were any visitors allowed)
Please contact Austen Biss

Timpanist at the Metropolitan Opera
I am trying to locate a passage in a book about Karajan, where Karajan speaks in glowing terms about a timpanist at the Metropolitan Opera. I have gone through the many books I have about Karajan, and have not been able to find the quote. Obviously it deals with his years at the Met conducting part of his production of the RING. It is possible that it is someone else relating this quote from Karajan. I remember that it spoke of the timpanist having the beautiful tone of a contrabass player. I read the quote in a book written, or translated into English. I recall that it was related by a third party, possibly in a collection of interviews with people about Karajan, or a recollection by a third party.
Does anyone know what book or journal this quote was written in?
Please contact John/USA

Detailed Concert Program - St.Moritz Festival "Engadiner Musikfestwochen" 1964-1972 - Karajan & BPO + Members - Hotel "La Reine Victoria" + French Church (Kirche)
I want to know the details of the concert program on the following days.
1969.8.22 - Bach:Piano Concerto BWV1053 ??

Please show a printed program in an attached file.
Please contact Y.Sasaki/Tokyo

Clouzot film of Mozart's "Coronation Mass"
I own a postcard which states that from 30th October-26 November 1995 in Paris there was a series of Karajan/Clouzot music films being shown. A film listed is Mozart's "Coronation Mass" with the RAI Roma Orchestra and the following soloists:
Josephine Veasey
Martina Arroyo
Franz Crass

I was very kindly sent a copy of the film of the "Coronation Mass" from 20th May 1967 in the presence of Pope Paul V1 but the soloists in this performance are:
Helen Donath
Tatjana Troyanos
Werner Krenn
Franz Crass
Also, I did not see any reference to Henri-Georges Clouzot as director. Can anyone tell me anything about this version as it does not seem to be listed in any of the sources I have consulted?
Please contact Linda/UK (Web Site Owner)

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